San Juan, Puerto Rico- 03/8/2018 Junior journalism major at the University of Puerto Rico Valeria González reflects on the memories she had with her grandmother Albilda Pérez. Photo by Babee Garcia

Junior journalism major at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Pedras campus Valeria González discussed a traumatic experience about her grandmother Albilda Pérez having an aneurysm.
While growing up in Utuado, González had a close relationship with her grandmother and was in shock when she collapsed on the floor. González immediately called the ambulance and speak to them, but the most heartbreaking challenge was yet to come. Pérez had to have a head operation and González described her state of being as “a vegetable.”
Since that moment, González had to become the caretaker of her family and assumed adult responsibilities at the age of 14.
“At a really young age, I had to learn how to cook, take care of my home, clean stuff, and take care of my sister and grandmother,” said González. “At the same time, teach my grandfather how to use a microwave, pay his bills,[and] how to do normal stuff we all think that everyone knows.”
González still carries the spirit and voice of Albilda with her. She referred to her late grandmother as a role model because she helped her become the woman she is today.

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